Goal: To update an existing iPad application to make it more consistent with the updated branding of the company, and use more standard controls instead of several custom controls that are difficult to maintain.


The iPad application had been designed with several custom controls that were not based on standards and made it difficult for users to find several controls necessary for the effective use of the application. For the overall application the goal was to keep the current functionality, but make it more discoverable by the user.

FieldCenter Sketches
FieldCenter Pencil and Paper Sketches

One of the first steps was to map out the application and document the current functionality and workflows already in place, as well as any of the flows that would need to be fixed so the user can complete tasks much faster. Using paper sketches to start the planning as well as wireframes to quickly work through each flow and layout.

After the paper sketches and going through flows with pencil and paper, we moved to Adobe Illustrator to get a better idea of the overall layout on the iPad.

Screenshot of FieldCenter mockups in Illustrator – click on image to see PDF of Artboards.

Afterwards, we moved to creating mockups in Photoshop and prototypes in InVision app online.