Experienced in Print Design and Production, as well as UX/UI Design and Development using XAML.

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  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and XD)
  • Zeplin
  • Visual Studio and Expression Blend (includes Sketchflow)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Previously worked with XAML and some C#, so have a strong understanding
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript

ConstructConnect  |  User Interface Designer  |  July 2016 – Present
Previously On Center Software

  • Develop layouts, prototypes in Adobe XD while working on and with existing design standards for a Web Platform
  • Provide finalized layouts to developers in Zeplin from Adobe XD Layouts
  • Research design standards for mobile and desktop interfaces to update the company’s applications
  • Create sketches, wireframes and mockups for proposed updates to mobile and desktop applications
  • Research competitor’s software and how it presents the same, or similar, information and make recommendations
  • Collaborate with Product Manager, and Development Lead to make sure the final product meets expectations
  • Learn about the current standards in the industry that directly affect customer expectations and workflows
  • Map out workflows with flowcharts for mockup and prototype screens, and to document what was the final expected flow for the iteration
  • Update iconography on existing applications

Infusion  |  Interactive Developer  |  May 2014 – March 2016

  • Worked on various Proof of Concept Applications as part of an Agile team for client approval
  • Created Styles and layouts based on design composites – WPF (XAML & C#), HTML, and CSS
  • Created Resource Dictionaries in XAML for styles and templates
  • Designed and created User Controls to be reused in other parts of the application.
  • ExxonMobil (May 2014 – March 2015)
    • Created XAML styles and templates in Resource Dictionaries for developers
    • Worked with SME’s and team members to prototype updates to the interface based on feedback from users
      • Approached SME’s to demonstrate workflow and business processes that would be addressed in the application
      • This included watching how they use current applications to accomplish tasks and visualize data
      • Suggested screen layouts, charts, and data trees to help users understand the data that is required for each task
      • Researched similar applications, commercial and in-house, to see what solutions could be recommended
      • Documented information on processes and data that would be used to create use cases to understand the flow
      • Sketched rough layouts with use cases to make sure expectations on scope and functionality were aligned between development and SMEs
      • Supported designer and the team’s lead usability expert for testing after updates based on feedback

Sogeti  |  Front End Design and Development  |  October 2010 – May 2014

  • Transocean (April 2011 – May 2014)
    • Responsible for layout and design of user interface for Silverlight Web Application
      • Researched what the target user was already comfortable with, including analog displays on the offshore rig
      • Suggested UI designs based on user’s current workflow and the readouts they expressed they were more comfortable with (the analog style of dials.)
      • Displayed rig data using Telerik gauges and graphs styled to resemble their analog counterparts
      • Wrote up use cases, and created sketches of proposed controls for clarification of expected functionality and establish scope
    • Created a prototype in Sketchflow for stakeholders to review suggested page layouts and user control designs
      • Documented layouts and user controls, including expected flows, functionality and values displayed
    • Created the layouts using Blend and Visual Studio
      • Used Blend to create custom vector artwork used in the gauge styles
      • XAML styles and templates were cleaned up and merged into Resource Dictionaries using Visual Studio
        • Allowed for the developers to reuse styles in other areas of the application to maintain consistency
  • CGX (October 2010 – February 2011)
    • Light coding with some Javascript, JQuery and PostScript
    • Preflight images and files for fonts, colors and image resolution
    • Updated existing products on PageFlex system

Neuma Doors  |  Graphic Designer  |  October 2007 – October 2010

  • Maintain corporate image and branding in all of the organization’s promotional materials.
  • Update design and content of company collateral and usability by documenting recommendations from customers and personnel.
    • Included researching the company’s patents and how to illustrate what made the product different from competitors
    • Would use engineering drawings to create illustrative diagrams to show design features
    • Keep up to date on any new government or local incentives to builders and homeowners, such as tax rebates
  • Maintain a listing of dealers and distributors using Excel to sort as needed for targeted mailings, promotions and sales reports.
  • Prioritize and monitor the progress of current projects with regular reports to management.
  • Page layout, design and production of promotional materials: Annual Catalog, Brochures, Promotional Flyers, Advertisements. Includes preparing images and artwork for online applications.
  • Created a branded layout for the company’s blog.
  • Prepare photos and other images for publications, either by enhancing the image or creating a new image in Photoshop
  • Creating original product illustrations based on technical drawings
  • Pre-flighting and pre-press responsibilities of print documents and advertisements
  • Created PDF files for the sales team: informational materials, promotional items and interactive PDF forms.
  • Maintain electronic files, both graphic and data.
  • Work with vendors to make sure all artwork is created to their requirements so the project is not delayed.


  • MBA – Marketing  |  November 2009
    University of Phoenix
  • Bachelor’s of Business/eBusiness  |  April 2005
    University of Phoenix