UX/UI Design


Updated the interface for the FieldCenter mobile application by making the controls more consistent with other applications that user are already familiar with, as well as bringing them up front instead of having them hidden within several layers of menus.

Started with pencil sketches and then used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create the layouts, and then uploaded the screens to Invision for the mockup and prototyping. By using Invision we were also able to keep all of the assets in one place making it easier for the developers to find them when needed.

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UX/UI Research and Wireframing

Oasis Takeoff

Documented the current customer path(s) through the Oasis Takeoff application, as well as how files were saved and displayed. Put together a document that showed the current competition, that have been making strides in the same market, as well as similar applications from other fields that had excellent ideas on displaying data. The document included wireframes and user stories to help explain what could be a better experience for the user.

While learning more about the market, and the expectations, found out and included information on standards that are expected and should be part of the application's flow and requirements.

UX/UI Research and Design

DARIC Web Application

Had the opportunity to work on a web application that would allow rig managers on shore to see live, streaming data from offshore rigs. Had to learn what the rig managers, and other rig operators, were used to reading to make sure they would understand the information. Reviewed the current analog dashboards and used those as a basis for the digital readouts - also had to learn what data had to go together in order for the screens to make the most sense.

Afterwards, I created a prototype using Blend Sketchflow to present to the stakeholders so they could see the progress and ask make sure that the project was on track. Once the approval was there, I had the opportunity to create the controls using XAML Resource Dictionaries and some C# to help with the interactivity.